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Mr E Connolly, Headmaster at St Josephs Secondary School:
- I think this is an excellent idea for all schools, not necessarily those schools you would think of areas within inner London but outside of London as well. I think these people actually could explain to others some of the difficulties that students face within their lives and often its by knowledge of this we understand the situation that these students are in. So I think this should be rolled out not just within inner City areas but throughout the country.”

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Welcome to The Safety Box

Our tailor made programs and school resources are specifically designed to fit into your school, college or PRU and can be used as a vital part of Citizenship, Functional Skills, PSHE and Personal learning and thinking skills (PLTS) curriculum. Working together in partnership our aim is to raise levels of achievement, attainment and respect. Through our enrichment lessons we aim to fulfill the criteria set out in the ECM initiative by promoting healthy living, giving pupils the necessary tools to stay safe and equip them ideas in which they can make a positive contribution to society.

The Safety Box programs are a refined system of training and development in helping young people develop important skills such as leadership, communication, team working, presentation, conflict resolution and problem solving. We recognise that these are some of the essential keys to success. They open doors to learning, to life in addition to work. They are a platform on which to build employability skills and the gateway to future well-being and prosperity.

Education is the single most important goal for any child or young adult. To focus on studying, students need to be able to feel safe in their schools and neighbourhood.

Unfortunately this is often not the case.

Many of our programs have been developed because there is a growing need to demonstrate to young adults that there are ways to avoid bullying, harassment or more serious, violent situations. Where avoiding threat is not possible, we show how to manage and control dangerous situations.

We teach simple, effective tactics to reduce and avoid threat. These include techniques from psychology, verbal resolution, aggression management and assertiveness training.

Above all we build and reinforce a sense of confidence in students. Having confidence as a result of training and knowledge is simply the most effective way for children and young adults to stay safe.

The Safety Box provides the tools for bringing a sharper focus on the fundaments of living so that young people and adults can apply what they have learned, in the context of their daily life. Working together with schools, colleges and youth groups our aim is to help protect children and young people from harm and aid them in achieving what they want in life.

We recognise that many of the problems associated with young people stem from several sources we therefore work with schools and deliver multi-level intervention, working with:

•  Parents
•  Mentors
•  Teachers
•  and pupils

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