gang intervention & Gun Awareness

If you choose to carry or use a gun there are three options for your future:

  • Being arrested and ending up spending years locked up in a prison or youth offenders' institution
  • Being shot at and injured
  • Being shot at and killed

If you carry a toy or imitation gun you may cause police to believe the gun is real and send armed police to respond, thus increasing your own risk of being shot. Don't take a toy or imitation gun out into public.

In other cases people are using toy or imitation guns that have been converted to fire real ammunition. These are known to explode in the users hands causing horrific injuries because they are not designed to be a proper gun.

Carrying a gun puts your friends and family at risk. Do you want to be responsible for them being threatened, injured or killed? Or perhaps you would prefer them to plan your funeral or occasionally drop in to see you in prison?

The Safety Box Gang Interruption & Gun Awareness programme is a hard hitting program aimed at young people that live in social environments where gang, drug and gun crime is prevalent. The programme employs high level conflict resolution strategies. Our Violence Interrupters are all credible messengers and have themselves been involved in youth crime and violence.

The program aims to show the consequences associated with carrying a fire-arm and how it destroys individuals, families, career hopes and lifestyle. The programme shows how to stay out of gangs and ways of how to get out of a gang, in addition to how to deal with the aftermath of leaving a gang. We use real video interviews of youngsters that have been shot and have lived to tell the story. The programme is designed to leave a very hard hitting message which is hoped will dissuade them from carrying a firearm as a weapon of defence and interrupt their gang criminal activity.

The program is developed to assist young primary school children being groomed into gangs, in addition to support young teenagers from being caught in violence.

Programs Delivered

  • 1 day
  • 5 days (6 hours/day)
  • 6 weeks (1 hour a week)
  • 10 weeks (1 hour a week)
  • 12 weeks (3 hours a week)
  • 6 - 24 month intervention


Man Behind the trap door

Our Violence Interrupters


The Safety Box Violence Interrupters (VIs) are specifically recruited individuals that are identified as credible messengers with those active in serious street/gang related violence. Traditionally but not exclusively they are ex-gang members or individuals with violent offending in their past who are highly respected and listened to by their peers. They will be trusted by and able to build rapport with our client market. Our Violence interrupters employ high-risk conflict mediation techniques to mediate conflict, stop retaliations, pre-empt and stop violent incidents occurring. Once a conflict with the potential to lead to violence or further violence as the case may be has been identified, the VI's will be deployed to mediate/interrupt the conflict. It is worth noting that due to the networks our VIs will have on the ground level it is expected that in many cases they will be the first to know of incidents that could lead to violence as they occur.




All The Safety Box trainers are each CRB checked, Certified First Aiders (FAW’s) and street-smart individuals with extensive experience working in gangs and with vulnerable young people. They are cognizant of the reality that many of the young people they work with face and are able to engage and earn trust quickly. This experience ensures that they have a real understanding of the issues surrounding young people. They deliver Alternative Curriculum, Motivational Workshops, Enterprise and Financial Education, Conflict Resolution and Personal Social and Health Education.

Contacting the right people

You can help stop the guns. If you have information on anyone involved in gun crime tell someone. If you don't want to tell the police directly you can tell a teacher, a responsible adult you trust or call Crime Stoppers anonymously on 0800555111. You don't have to give your name and they won't be able to tell it is you that called. They will pass the information you give them to the police who will be able to take action on it, without identifying you.