Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution and Safety - 1 day Workshop

Time Module
09:30 Welcome and ‘Ice breaker’ who’s who!
10:00 What is Conflict? Definition. (Interactive session) Group Exercise
10:15 Break
10:45 What is Conflict Resolution?
11:00 Establishing the different types of conflict.
12:00 Personality Types, Values, Beliefs and Perceptions Group Exercise (Dealing with strong feelings)
12:30 Traits and States
12:50 Defining a difficult person
13:00 LUNCH
14:00 Sharing Experiences (Group Exercise)
14:30 The Communication Channels – Verbal Diffusion
14:40 Resolving Disputes how to end the conflict.
15:10 What causes fear? (Fight or Flight Response) and Warning and Danger Signs
15:20 Reaction = Reaction (Controlling yourself)
15:30 Vocal becomes Physical (How to resolve violent conflict)
15:40 Your Safety First
15:50 Avoidance, Prevention and the Last resort
16:00 How to Handle Aggressive People and Posture in Attack Prevention
16:10 Defence Tactics (Break Away)
16:20 Defence Tactics (Strangle Holds, Wrist Escapes, Knife Attack Defence)
16:50 Summary and Support
17:00 Feedback - Close workshop

Conflict resolution is the process of resolving a dispute or a conflict, by providing each side's needs, and adequately addressing their interests so that they are satisfied with the outcome. Conflict resolution aims to end conflicts before they start or lead to physical fighting. This one day workshop enables the students to develop an understanding that the solution to their problem normally lies within themselves.

In this program, we focus the effort on changing their reaction and what they do when faced with potential conflict, what they say and how they say it, has a profound effect and creates changes in the person which they may be in conflict with. The program can be tailor made specifically for the group that we are working with if you would like a tailor made program please contact us.

Aggression Management

The aggression management workshop is designed for young people that have a tendency to react in a aggressive manner.

Aggression Management Workshop - 1 hour

• Conflict Resolution part 1
• Anger Management
• Verbal Diffusion (Team Role Plays)
• Reaction = Reaction
• Mental Awareness
• ‘Keeping your cool’ 
• Conflict Resolution part 2
• Body language and Posture
• The Dangers of reacting
• Planning and spotting danger
• Summary