Primary School Programs

Step UP Preparation Course - 4 weeks

  • What are some of the fears
  • Confidence building
  • Planning a new route
  • How to stay safe to and from school
  • What not to do when you get to secondary school
  • Lunch money, emergency money, mobile phones and other valuables
  • Making friends
  • Creating a regular routine
  • Overcoming fear
  • Creating an awareness of new surroundings
  • Safety on public transport
  • Walking home in the winter
  • The way to overcome fear and anxiety
  • Getting to know your new classmates
  • Thinking about bullies and how to handle them
  • Personal protection and safety awareness
  • Internet safety
  • The new dangers
  • Safety Awareness part 2
  • Getting to know your new teacher

Primary School Program

The Safety Box Step UP primary school program is designed for year 6 pupils to boost confidence, self-esteem and most importantly teach them how to stay safe. The sessions give an informal opportunity to chat about fears and anxieties that they may have before going to secondary school. Starting secondary school is a significant time in a child’s life and can be daunting. It marks a passage into adolescence and requires major adjustments in children:

  • From being the oldest to being the youngest
  • Carrying their bags from classroom to classroom
  • Finding a different route to school
  • To finding their way around a large school
  • With different teachers for different subjects

A child's journey to school will probably take a new and unfamiliar route, possibly involving a longer walk, bus ride or train journey, this opens many issues relating to personal safety.

The Safety Box offer a wide range of primary school courses:

  • Safeguarding Against Gangs
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Citizenship
  • Karate
  • Dance
  • Gang Avoidance
  • Bike Safety & Safety while on Holiday
  • Cyber and Internet Safety
  • Avoiding Bullying
  • Self Defence
  • Transition to Secondary School (Step Up Program)

For more details please view our brochure, the general step-up 4 week course outline can be seen to the right.