Control & Restraint of minors & adults

This international program is delivered as a full program 5 day program or shorter 1 day workshop. The program has been delivered to police, teachers, nurses, health care professionals and social workers. It is comprised of both a theoretical and a practical component. The theory includes current guidelines, best practice and UN legislative guidance for professionals. The physical sessions allow staff members to practice physical intervention techniques in a controlled environment with a qualified instructor. The various appropriate technical physical skills required for the competent application of physical intervention and restraint including appropriate methods of restraining, holding still and containing violent young people is included and also covers the risks in using physical force for the purpose of physical intervention and restraint, close attention is paid to Postural Asphyxiation.

Some of the course material includes:

  • Children and Young People’s Rights

  • Best Practice in the Management of Challenging Behaviour

  • Best practice in the use of Physical Restraint

  • Risks Associated with the use of Control & Physical Restraint

  • Duty of care and the exercise of professional judgement

  • Individual Crisis Management Plans

  • Reactionary Distances, Movement and Body Posture

  • Break Away Techniques, Including Strangles

  • Basket Holds (Standing, Seating)

  • Rear Double Arm Holds and Locks

This program is only available in some regions where child restraint by adults is still allowed.